Great waves, power surfing, big airs, girls going for broke. This isn’t the WCT, it’s the women’s World Qualifying Series. The tour that surfers go on before they make it to the main show that is the WSL World Championship Tour.

I’ve talked before about how awful the Oi Rio Pro was but, to be totally honest, the three Australian events leading up to Rio haven’t been great either. The top 22 women surfers in the world have been forced to surf pretty poor conditions while in the meantime, the women on the QS have been scoring.

Silvana Lima (BRA)
Silvana bringing her air game to Los Cabos. Pic: WSL/ Mariana Marenelamar

The ‘QS has a massive 30 events, stopping over at places including Morocco, Peru, Costa Rica, France, El Salvador, South Africa, Israel and the USA. The ‘CT on the other hand has 10 events: three in Australia, two in the US and a handful of other spots.

I understand that the WSL need to make money and I get that the reason a lot of these events are held in places where the huge crowds are what draws an event rather than the great waves (Snapper, Rio, Huntington, I’m looking at you) but surely the best way to highlight these athletes is to let them do their stuff in the best conditions possible. I love that the WSL live stream all the women’s events, I love that the ‘CT has grown to again include places like Fiji and I do think that it’s getting better but can we please, please, please let the ‘CT visit some of the amazing stops that the ‘QS does? Let’s make it truly global and see the world’s best surfers in a variety of the worlds best waves. I don’t know about you, but I’d watch it.

Keely Andrew (AUS) (3)
Keely Andrew flying into the quarters. Pic: WSL/ Mariana Marenelamar