Wave Pool Confirmed for Sunshine Coast!

The subject of many debates over the past few years, a wave pool for the Sunshine Coast has been confirmed today.

Known for its small, inconsistent waves but great weather, the Sunshine Coast is ripe for a wave pool. No longer will East Coasters need to crack out the passport to get a wave over spring, now they’ll be able to head inland.

wave pool
A great big chunk of blue to drool over… Pic: SANAD Capital

While the exact details are yet to be released, the ‘wave reservoir’ will be part of a larger active lifestyle project being developed by Sanad Capital. The project will also include a 4 star hotel as well as a water park and an action sports precinct with facilities for skateboarding, BMX and parkour. Development Approval for Phase One of the project is for the 14 hectare water park and community space, meaning that surfers will have some time to wait for the wave which is slated for Phase 2 and 3.

This news though does bring with it many questions… The proposed ‘wave reservoir’ is seemingly not part of the WaveGarden group of waves set for Perth, Melbourne and Sydney so does it have anything to do with Kelly Slater Wave Co.? Is it something new? Is it the much spoken about but yet to be seen Webber Wave Pool? What exactly is a wave reservoir, and how is it different to what we know as wave pools? Will this mean less crowds on our beaches? How and when do I get to surf there?! So may questions!

Hopefully, we’ll have the answers sooner rather than later…