webWanderlust festivals are all out celebrations of mindful living.

Combining exceptional yoga and meditation with music, art, culture, food and the great outdoors the Sunshine Coast Wanderlust festival promises 4 days of adventure, mindfulness and connection.

World-class teachers and speakers such as Eoin Finn, Amy Ippoliti, Duncan Peak and Janet Stone will delight festival goers along with a stellar music line-up headlined by Hawaii based pop folk hitmaker Donavon Frankenreiter and Aussie favourites Sneaky Soundsytem.

SSG had the pleasure of catching up with festival organisers Jonnie and Jacque.


SSG: What are some of the exciting things on the line-up for your Sunshine Coast event?

Jonnie: The festival will feature a depth of art and culture, showcase the region’s stunning food, and constantly surprise and delight attendees with outdoor activities such as hiking, surfing, paddle-boarding, mountain biking and more.

What I am most excited about is to host a festival that truly integrates with one of the most idyllic coastlines and hinterlands in Australia. The Novotel Twin Waters Resort is a stunning property, right off a golden sand surf beach, surrounding a salt-water lagoon and nestled amongst sub-tropical bush. With the world-renowned Mooloolaba River and the Glasshouse Mountains not far away there is a plethora of wonders to explore. What better place to hold a festival that at its core promotes nature and adventure?

Jacque: We get this question a lot and I am always hesitant to answer because having been to, and produced Wanderlust Festivals, I know the true magic does not lay in the classes or the line-up – the true magic lays in the moments between. The moments of connection, the moments of challenge and growth, the moments of being completely content with where you are. There is a journey that each Wanderluster takes and the most exciting thing, for me, is witnessing them on that journey. The most exciting thing on the line-up is not the presenters and musicians (although they are GREAT) it is the attendees.

You also aim to raise awareness of social and environmental issues through the event. Why is this important to you?

Jonnie: Because it is not only about betterment of the self, it is about betterment of all. We are privileged to be able to travel, eat well, listen to music, appreciate art, practice yoga and have fun with family and friends. Therefore we believe we have a responsibility to re-connect with nature and giveback to our community.

Jacque: We have three kids who are amazing little beings. After the birth of our first child our perceptions started to shift… Our mission is to create a better world for them and their generation. I want our legacy to be one of positive change, not one of destruction and hate.

What sort of experience do you hope people will have at Wanderlust?

Jonnie: A transformative one. Like I had at my first Wanderlust in Colorado. I went with a healthy dose of skepticism. All these things running through my head – I’m not flexible enough to partake in a yoga festival, it will be a hippy-fest, it won’t change me, how can I make a difference. Well it did and I do.

Jacque: At least, a good time. At best, the most groundbreaking, world-rocking festival they have ever experienced (in a good way).

Wanderlust Sunshine Coast runs for four days from 15th – 18th October 2015 at Novotel Twin Waters Resort.

Jam out with conscious artists like Donavon Frankenreiter and Wild Marmalade and Mama Kin. Dance the night away to Aussie favourties like Sneaky Sound System, The Twoks and Sunshine Coast locals Dubarray. Musical support includes up and coming names like Aroha, DJ Jeff Fellows and Arli Liberman. Hit the mat with world-renowned yoga instructors encompassing a vast variety of yoga styles and personal tastes. Practice with big international names such as: Janet Stone, Eoin Finn, Amy Ippoliti and Cameron Shayne. Then join Australasia’s own Duncan Peak, Claudine & Honza Lafond, Nikki Ralston, Gwyn Williams and more.

For tickets and further information visit: http://wanderlust.com/festivals/sunshine-coast/