I always seem to get songs stuck in my head… If you’re paddling out the back and notice a random chick singing along to herself, that’s me.  As a surfer though there are a few different mental playlists on shuffle in my head. If its a bright and sunny day, then I’ll be singing something totally different to if it’s overcast, the water is murky (read, sharky) or the swell is really big.

These are my top five ‘facing my fear’ songs:

David Guetta’s Titanium because even though I don’t really get the film clip, when I sing it, I feel invincible.

Florence and the Machine, Shake it Out because a) its Florence and b) who doesn’t feel good belting out the lyrics at the top of their voice?

Christina Aguilera, Fighter. Yeah it’s old, but it gets me amped every time.

Lyrics Born, Calling Out. This shouldn’t need an explanation because it’s pretty self explanatory but perhaps part of the reason I love this song is the section in a Malaysian wave pool in Taj Burrow’s classic surf flick, Fair Bits and I want to be able to surf like that!

Darude, Sandstorm. Who wouldn’t feel amped and invincible after listening to this?!  No fear, just go!

With those five in my mental playlist, I’m good to go and ready to take on the world.  What songs work for you?