The Live List

I read a post from a friend recently saying that she didn’t like the term “bucket list” but couldn’t think of anything better… I like “Live List” and it got me thinking what I’d put on mine.

For me a Live List is a list of things that prolong your life, or make it better. It’s things that make you feel alive, or things you feel like you won’t have lived fully until you’ve experienced them. I’m pretty happy with the life I’ve led so far. It’s been pretty varied and that suits my (slightly eccentric) personality. And to be honest, I’m still not 100% sure what I want to do with my life so I’m trying out different things to see which feels best!

I’ve travelled the world, worked a range of jobs from removalist to surf instructor, nursery hand to university tutor and now, magazine editor. Along the way have seen some crazy, wonderful, bizarre, scary, beautiful things.

But my list continues to grow. Each day I’m inspired by new things and my dreams get bigger, not smaller.

  1. Hot air balloon over the Serengeti
  2. Surf Hawaii
  3. Visit every country in the Pacific (including both West Papua and Papua New Guniea)
  4. See the earth from outer space
  5. Learn French

Maybe this list will change, probably not. It will definitely expand and hopefully I’ll be able to cross some off before too long but I think that it’s essential that we continue to live for today and embrace life fully…

What’s on your “live list”? We’d love to know!