After I wrote Dawn Patrol, I thought it would be helpful for everyone to write down the list of things to bring if you want to go surfing before work.
Since most of us have full-time jobs, activity, school duties, it isn’t always possible to go surfing during the day. That’s why dawn patrol is the answer. But sometimes it is difficult to have a session early in the morning, while still making time for our everyday work duties.
Here’s the list of things I cannot do without and that make my life easier when I go surfing before running to work. I hope it will help you make the most of your morning routine!
morning surf
This is the most important thing when you go surfing before work. You don’t want to be late and make your boss unhappy. If you are your own boss, bring a watch anyways and you’ll make sure you won’t miss your work duties. Choose a water-resistant one, of course, and a model that won’t bother you while paddling.
Because even at dawn, right after the sun rises, the sun rays risk to endanger your skin. Talking from experience, last time I didn’t put it on, I spent my day at the office with itchy and dry skin after too much exposure 🙁 Go for a bio formula that won’t get the corals and the sea species harmed.
When you are short of time, you want to get dressed very fast. That’s why you need comfy clothes that will fit well into your general work environment too. In this case, I usually go for a breezy dress to style with a pair of sandals or boots. It’s easy to take off and put on when I’m in a rush.
For obvious reasons. Even if I love the smell of salt water on my skin, I bet you don’t want to stink of seaweed all day long. So, go for a good one!!!
Like the deodorant, a good hair brushing will easily make you more styled and ready for work. It will wipe off the rest of seaweed and sand that will be stuck in your hair too!
I love multipurpose oils! You can use them to moisturize both your skin and your hair. You will suddenly feel and smell amazing. You’ll look like freshly washed and no one will know you went surfing if you don’t want them to!
This is really important too. Once out of the water you will be starving and won’t have time to go to the next boulangerie to look for something to eat. Bring some nutritious foods that will give you enough fuel to start your work day, like fresh fruits, yogurt or cereal bars.
To re-hydrate after your session and to easily wash out the salt before get dressed for work. I usually prefer to bring tap water (when I can) in a reusable canteen or bottle, better if a thermal one. I use a stainless canteen by Patagonia [We love the glass EcoVessel ones from Raw Blend available here. ed.]
Now you’re ready to have an amazing surf session and start your work day the best way!!! You will never be any happier to get up in the morning! 😉
Do you have other must-have things you want to add to the list?
This post also appears on Marta’s blog, Surfragette