Surf Training goes digital

After successfully launching her concept of Surf Style Training at a studio on the Victorian Surfcoast in 2015, Elise Carver from Little Bantam Health & Fitness today launched a new, achievable way to get surf fit no matter where you are.

INPULSE 7Surf Style Training focuses on deep and superficial core strength training through yoga, balance and agility training, plyometrics, postural correction, stretching and recovery as well as healthy practical eating education, and here at SSG, we can’t get enough of it! Being able to train out of the water means that we’re still surf fit, even when the waves aren’t…

We chatted to Elise about the launch.

“These days almost everyone is time poor or strapped for cash, which makes it hard to commit to regular classes or a gym membership. Being fit and healthy should be fun, enjoyable and stress free! I wanted to give people the tools to manage their own fitness plan in a sustainable way, keeping it cost effective, easy to access and use from any where in the world.” says Elise.

INPULSE 11The Little Bantam Surf Style Training programs work with individuals, taking a technique often reserved for professional athletes and making it accessible (and affordable) for everyone. And best of all, Elise’s online program, which is designed to cater for beginners through to advanced athletes of all ages, is specifically surf focussed and centres around your needs.

“The danger for most people when working out remotely is that you miss that coaching experience and the validation of improvement and assistance with goal setting – it can really make the difference in taking you out of your comfort zone and challenging your limits,” says Elise.

An online membership with SST includes a Personal Profile with Tracking Tools and access to online VIP coaching with Elise for a truly personalised experience.

In collaboration with Little Bantam SST, SSG are excited to be able to offer 14 day FREE trials for a limited time only as well as weekly giveaways featuring Surf Style Training affiliated products to our readers.