Surf Stronger Training DVD

My pre-surf training regime used to involve rolling out of bed blurry eyed on the back of a wicked dream of pulling into the perfect barrel. A wrestle with the wettie and stumble down the beach later and I would be flopping around out the back wondering why I wasn’t more surf-fit. It seems just dreaming doesn’t actually work to improve your surfing. Who knew? If you actually want to train to improve your surfing, then the Surf Stronger DVD is for you!

This pack of DVD’s includes pre-surf warm ups, core sessions and stretching all tucked neatly into three 45 minute surf specific workouts.

Volume 2 even features Serena Brooke at her peak, showing us what a fit surfer can actually do. What more motivation could you need! All that’s required is a Fit ball and dumbbells and you’re on your way to a killer core your surfing will thank you for. The only downside? It’ll get you so pumped for surfing you’ll have to take the rest of the day off to catch some waves!