Steph Gilmore v. the Beastie Boys?

Steph Gilmore has been known, on occasion, to jump on stage with her guitar and join well known musos in a singalong… In a somewhat strange pairing, today she joins Beastie Boy and host of the Echo Chamber, Mike D, to spin some of her favourite tunes, and play pingpong and to talk about Madonna.

I’m intrigued by what these two would have to talk about… They seem to come from different realms and while I know they have some things in common (Mike D recently took up surfing and, as mentioned, Steph plays music) it’s more their differences that I think make this conversation interesting.

Catch Steph and Mike D on Apple Music’s Beats 1 this Saturday @ 5.00AM AEST and again at 5.00PM AEST

And because we all need a little more Beastie Boys in our lives: