Sea Lone – finding tropical bliss in Sri Lanka

Dreaming of warm water and tropical delights? Look no further than Sea Lone, the new short film from Seea.

Shot in Sri Lanka with lady sliders Lola Mignot, Karina Rozunko, Sierra Lerback and photographer Luki O’Keefe the film captures a classic retro vibe set amongst a tropical wonderland.

This film works on two different levels. If following the dream of an endless summer – boundless, free, open-hearted and open-minded – is your ideal then this clip will have your wanderlust kicking into the next gear and have you booking the next flight out. If you’re stuck in an office on a cold winter’s day, dreaming of warmer days and party days, then Sea Lone is the perfect antidote.

The surfing is glorious, the soundtrack blissful and the footage evocative of where we’d all rather be.