Sarah & Skye

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we could not be any more in love.

Sarah & Skye is a film by Geo Matts starring surfers Sarah Baum and Skye Burgess. It is described as a Film about women’s surfing. What more could a girl want? Well… after you check out the trailer be sure to read the description from Geo below on why she made the film. Brilliant.

Here is just a snippet:

This film has a message for everyone who portrays women’s surfing as bikini models and men as athletes. Women surfers are under-paid and over-sexualised. This film is changing that dynamic.
… this film is portraying both sides of Women’s professional surfing, and how body image should not effect a persons ability to express themselves in a sport, that is so widely considered more than just a sport, but a lifestyle and an art form.’

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