Sabre Norris sees Flying Doughnuts…

We’re big fans of Sabre Norris here at SSG and we’re also fans of Derek Rielly. When the two combine, it’s magic.

Derek (founder of Stab mag and now BeachGrit) first met Sabre last year after seeing her on the Ellen show. Seems he wanted to suss out whether or not she was quite as awesome and upfront as she seems. She is and an unlikely friendship was born.

While some of the questions are a little leading and there is some inherent sexism peeking though (particularly Derek’s, “you’re surfing as good as some of the boys your age.” Um, she’s better?) there is a lot to gleam from this insight into Sabre’s life.

Homeschooled with her sisters and brothers by mum, Brooke, the Norris family are tight.

“My sisters and brother are just my best friends,” says Sabre, “nothing can break us.”

And her thoughts on surfing? “I feel like I can do anything. I feel like I’m invincible”

I think a lot of us feel like that but to have it expressed so succinctly is pretty wonderful.

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  1. My sisters and brother are just my beast friends, – BEST

    Spell check before hitting publish always helps.

  2. You know, The fact of the matter is that Boys are at another level in terms of talent in surfing. This is not sexist, its just a fact. So when Derek asked that, its pretty clear why he makes a point of mending the boys.

    You could also argue that no boys get paid to wear a g-string in the surf and get paid for it?
    Equality cant exist to the fill extent in this sport.

    • I think you’re right to an extent in that most boys definitely are at another level, but I’d also argue that a big part of that is because they receive more training and support. A current example of this lies with the HPC who are running a research project to help guys improve their air game. Generally, the guys already have a better air game than the girls, but girls aren’t eligible for the program.
      I think that companies that pay women to surf in a g-string are also part of the problem. When they give money to that aspect of surfing, they are diverting it from women’s development in the sport and compounding the idea that women are just in the water to look good rather than being taken seriously as athletes.
      Another aspect of the sexism in surfing also shines through in this story when Sabre talks about how one of her competitor’s dads says that the boy won’t get dinner if he’s beaten by a girl. Being beaten isn’t the problem, being beaten by a girl is. How sad is that?
      Ultimately, these elements don’t detract from what is a brilliant clip. They just shine light on the current state of surfing and maybe that can be a good thing too.


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