Reelers 2017

Reelers, the world’s most prestigious surf film competition, is on again in 2017 and here’s why you should vote.

As with much of the surfing world, Reelers has been dominated by male shortboarding films since inception. This year there are two notable exceptions.

Mood by Fran Miller, explores our changing moods through showcasing three of the world’s most talented up-and-coming female long boarders; Roisin Carolan, Ivy Thomas and Hallie Rohr.

Standards Suck by 16 year-old filmmaker Olivia Williams, features WQS surfer Jaleesa Vincent and lets its title speak for itself.

The good news? These two awesome clips are entered in different categories so you can vote for both!

Many of the photogs we work with at SSG, including Fran and Liv, work tirelessly to showcase the best of women’s surfing by drawing attention to their skills, determination and creativity. They also show that women’s surfing is no singular thing. They’re defying stereotypes.

We think it’s vital that the female surfing community support each other so take a moment to watch the films, share them with your friends, daughters, sons or any one who may be inspired by them and remember to post on social media too. With your support, we may just see a new feature length women’s surf movie soon!