Queenie Wahini: Little Surfer Girl

queenie wahiniSurfing can be pretty intimidating for young kids, especially if they’ve seen surfers wiping out at the beach or taken a tumble in the white wash.

Queenie Wahini, the new book by Tribe of Daughters, is the perfect antidote, encouraging young girls to follow their dreams and overcome their fears.With beautiful water-colour illustrations and easy-to-read rhymes, Queenie Wahini promotes resilience and self-belief. It acknowledges that many things, like surfing, aren’t always easy, but it’s always worth sticking with it and facing your fear.

We tested the book on a group of 7 and 8 year-old surfer girls and they couldn’t get enough. For us, that means it’s a keeper.

You can buy Queenie Wahini through Amazon here.