• High-stretch 100% recycled polyester jersey lining for improved flexibility and drying time.
  • 100% external seam sealing.
  • Detachable front-zip entry for maximum performance and easy on/off
  • Anatomically engineered Supratex kneepads
  • Key loop
  • RRP $399.95

The Verdict:

Liz: This suit is my favourite. It fits perfectly and is really warm and comfy and a breeze to paddle in.

Tara: This is a warm wetsuit and what you would expect from a 3X2. It had the best sealing features, so no leakage and water getting in while surfing. This wettie didn’t quite suit my shape/size though. It was an inch short in both the arm and legs.

Fiona: This suit kept me really warm and dry but was a bit small for me in the arms and legs.