ONE WAVE: Meditation x Live Passionately ft Tarnea O’meara Ep:2

Directed / Filmed / Edited – Elyse Lu

Water Filming – Fran Miller

Two of our fave female surf photographers Elyse Lu and Fran Miller have gotten together to bring you ONE WAVE Episode 2, featuring Tarnea O’Meara.

Everyone has their own reason for surfing. For some, it is competitive and challenging and for others it is a place to find peace in nature. The reasons we surf vary widely from person to person, and everyone’s reason is important to them. Tarnea, a young surfer from the Gold Coast provides insight into why she surfs and what it means to her. ‘I was watching my brother one day and I wanted to be better than him…I said, I can do this.’

Check it out!

You can find more of Elyse and Fran’s work in the SSG Photo Annual Shifting Tides

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