A Lunar Cycle

Women’s surf films are rare entities these days, what’s even rarer are ones like A Lunar Cycle.

Exploring surfing from a uniquely female perspective, Easkey Britton takes us on an emotive journey through the places in-between, where instability reigns supreme and urges us to embrace the imperfections as we connect with ourselves and the environment around us.

Heartbeat, breath, ebb and flow, A constant loving, and letting go…

In fusing cold water surfing, dance & poetry, A Lunar Cycle presents a new take on women’s surfing. One that recognises our own ebbs and flows from day to day, and month to month. It’s a beautiful film and one that I just can’t stop watching and marvelling at. Each time, something different speaks to me and I latch on to something new. Whether you’re a cold water surfer or not, A Lunar Cycle is a film about you.

Let go of the busy-ness, listen to your body and hear the pull of the tides. Reconnect.

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