La vida buena

Patricia Fuentes of Worldwidetravelog shows us the stunning paradise of Puerto Rico. Take notes and bring lots of sunscreen!

Puerto Rico is officially called La Isla del Encanto but those who surf also know it as the Hawai’i of the Caribbean due to the high performance waves in turquoise warm waters and all types of conditions at the most exotic Caribbean beaches. Here’s six reasons you’ll love Puerto Rico too.

  1.  Waves for all levels.

It’s not easy to find a group who all surf at the same level. Or maybe one day you want to surf something smaller but go nuts the next day. Welcome to Puerto Rico where, from Jobos in Isabella with its perfect, intermediate waves to Tres Palmas on a huge day for the big wave surfers, you’ll all be satisfied.

  1.  Friendly Caribbean locals.

The locals are happy, welcoming and support surf tourism, so it’s great to support them too. As always, remember to respect their beaches and culture.

  1.  Many options in nature for flat days. 

Rivers, waterfalls, secluded beaches, mountains with spectacular views; you won’t get bored! I highly recommend you visit Gozalandia waterfalls, El Yunque Rainforest and Vieques Island, just to mention a few.

Camping in Vieques Island

  1.  All day in a bikini. 

Tired of wearing wetsuits? Puerto Rice is a warm water paradise. Always. Yep, yearlong. At the 6am dawn patrol, you enter the water with the first rays of sunlight and it’s the perfect temperature. I enjoyed my winter wearing my bikinis all day long.


  1.  Marine life is not dangerous, although it is very abundant. 

There is so much marine life in Puerto Rico. You can find yourself surfing amongst sea turtles, stingrays, harmless sharks and even manatees. It really is paradise!

María Cartagena in Wilderness, Aguadilla

  1.  Support the community with your surf trip.

Since Hurricane Maria, that devastated Puerto Rico and other parts of the Caribbean in 2017, the island is recovering slowly. Sustainable tourism, like surfing, can help the struggling economy and local communities. But don’t worry, surf season doesn’t coincide with the hurricane season!

With its warm weather and stunning nature, Puerto Rico is one of the best options for your next surf trip. Get ready for a lot of fun, rum, salsa, tasty dishes, and endless days of sun and adventures!

The surf season on the North coast is from October to April. Check out Aguadilla, my fave surf spot on the entire island. Get lost where the rum is strong and the WiFi signal weak 😉

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