Kimi Werner & the Great White Shark

Kimi Werner is well-known for swimming with a Great White Shark but we recently found out that there is a lot more to Kimi than her ability to befriend the oceans Chondrichthyes. SSG spoke to Kimi about sharks and her sustainable lifestyle for the Autumn 2016 Edition. We discovered living a life that is consciously in tune with nature is not easy but, one that sounds inherently satisfying. Kimi hunts and grows her own food, trades with neighbours and friends, and travels the world promoting sustainable living. She only takes what she needs, living in harmony with her environment and finding value in the simple things. Kimi believes that efforts, challenges and hard work instill in us a sense of value which gives our lives meaning, happiness and contentment. She is one amazing woman who remains true to herself and inadvertently makes you want to do the same.

If you haven’t done so already, check out @kimi_swimmy on Instagram. The images on here blew our minds. Not only because they are stunning pictures of Kimi doing her things in the natural environment captured by talented photographers but because Kimi Werner is just so darned inspiring!

Would you survive if you had to hunt your own food? Tell us how you would do it.

Check out the interview with Kimi in edition 6 of SSG here and head to to learn more.