Jaleesa Vincent: Cool, quirky and kicking arse

Be prepared to step outside the box, because Jaleesa Vincent’s signature clip has just been released and it’s everything.

There’s something quite wonderful about women’s surfing… unfortunately much of it isn’t represented in the mainstream surf media. Thankfully, we have women like Jalessa Vincent from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast to show that you can be be both a kick arse surfer and still be your quirky self. We first spoke with Jaleesa four years ago when we launched Issue One of SSG. In that time, she’s realised that competitive surfing just isn’t for her and has carved out a unique niche for herself as one of the first sponsored female free surfers.

It’s a path that very few women have travelled (with many falling into the surfer/model field to be able to make a living) but Jaleesa has stayed true to to herself. Four years on, she’s still creating some pretty great artwork – like the animations in her clip – and surfing her heart out. It’s so good to see that things are changing in the surf industry and that this ground-breaking young woman can break the mould simply by being herself.