How yoga helps your surfing…

So, you’ve probably heard that yoga and surfing go together like vegemite and toast but maybe don’t know how, or why… We’re here to help!

At the age of 14, Malia Manuel became the youngest surfer to win the US Open of Surfing in the history of the event. Today she competes with other elite surfers on the Women’s WCT.

“When I’m finished with a wave, it’s joy. Pure joy and that’s one of the best feelings in the world” Malia Manuel

In this clip (produced by the wonderful folk at Wanderlust) Malia talks about how she uses yoga to help her surfing, fitting yoga into her routine and finding inspiration all around her.

“But, what does this mean for me?” you may be asking?

Yoga isn’t just for the pros. It can reduce the likelihood of injury by increasing your strength and flexibility and keep you fit for those times when you can’t get in the water. As Malia says, yoga helps you to learn to listen to your body and be in the moment – something that is essential for surfers!

Each year, we’re stoked to be able to attend the annual Wanderlust festival. They’re held all over the world and are great for everyone! From beginners looking for an introduction to yoga who want to try out different classes and find their perfect fit, to the seasoned yogi, at Wanderlust you can find something you love. From there it’s easy to take your practice home, find a teacher (or download a class and do it at home! We love but there are heaps of sites you can find classes) and begin to see the benefits yoga brings to your surfing.