How to pick yourself up

Faaaaaarrrrrrrrrr – OUT! Wouldn’t we all like to know the secret to being impervious to downer vibes! I know I would. After all we all have moments of complete and utter despair, I don’t care who you are no one has titanium nerves and a heart made of steel. Whether due to some form of loss, heartache or the dreaded “hormonal imbalance” we ALL know what it feels like to be emotional roadkill!

The questions is…DO you pick yourself up off the floor and HOW do you do it?

I’m thinking of this post as a therapeutic way to share with you how I pick my mood up via body movement and foooooodddd!


Yep, there is such a thing as happy food. Eating foods that increase your serotonin levels OR just put a smile on your face (minus the guilty feelings) is where it’s at!

Next time you’re feeling the blues opt for the following –

  • Foods high in Antioxidants + Vit C like Berries and Oranges – these help to reduce stress levels
  • Green Vege’s High in Folic Acid – help the brain to produce Serotonin
  • Cacao or Chocolate which is high in Anadamine – a chemical know to lift our moods
  • Nuts – they are high in minerals, protein and Omega 3 and know to reduce stress levels and calm the nervous system

Get Moving!

When you’re down in the dumps often the last thing you want to do is get up and move (I type as I’m curled up on the couch!). BUT, that being said moving is in fact one of the BEST things you can do – releasing Dopamine a chemical that plays a vital role in your happiness.

Here’s what I recommend to get your ass off the couch!


  • Commit To 30mins – as long as you move for 30mins you are going to feel better than you did when you started, any more and its bonus!
  • Include Strength and Cardio – make sure you mix up your exercise with strength based movement and cardio. Eg. If you go for a walk, throw in a few jump squats for leg strength
  • Break It Up! – Don’t just do the same thing the whole time! Make your sessions interesting, mix it up frequently. It will distract you and challenge your body even more than usual.
  • Pump Up The Jam – Yep, get some tunes on, angry, happy or motivated and move to the beat!
  • Invite A Friend – Getting a friend involved is the ultimate distraction OR alternatively you ask them to put on some pads so you can Box your frustrations away!

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