Exploring Lombok

With the Corona Bali Pro/tected bringing the eyes of the world back to Bali’s famed waves. I traveled east and away from the crowds to Bali’s beautiful neighbour, Lombok.

Lombok is the less popular and untouched eastern neighbour of Bali. Being less known means that you will find plenty of incredible and unique spots that will make you fall in love with this gem. With all good things, there is always a downside. Its natural state will make getting around a little but difficult when is raining. Mud and motorbikes are not a good combination! Also, internet connection can go from limited to super limited. Heads up! Brace for the digital disconnection and get ready to experience a fascinating bond with nature.

The 10 things I loved the most:
  1. Surfing in Gerupuk is “the experience” because you have to take a boat to the break and choose the wave that works best for you.
  2. Staying at Batu Bambu where you can experience a stay on a secluded mountain and enjoy the sounds of nature.
  3. Renting a motorbike and explore the island on your own terms.
  4. Enjoying the amazing cuisine options in Mataram. There’s a limitless amount of flavour combinations in small and peculiar places, all concentrated in just three streets.
  5. Walking through the town and enjoy the local life so you can learn and absorb the best of the culture and traditions that surround you
    in Lombok.
  6. Enjoying sunset on the beach of Tanjung Aan. You can enjoy it from the mountain or in one of their legendary beach swings.
  7. More surfing! At Are Gulim, you can paddle out, enjoy your day and grab dinner all in the same place.
  8. Finding the best views of the area in Ashtari Lounge up in the mountain while you relax and have a drink.
  9. Loosing yourself looking for waterfalls without a name. Ask the locals who will take you there safely. A motorbike is the best way to travel so be ready for the adventure. A trip to the waterfalls can require a combination of motorbike, hiking, getting full of mud and more!
  10. Escaping to the north to visit the famous Gili Islands, but hey, that’s totally different chapter…

With Batu Bambu girls

Stay tuned for more of this Spaniard surfer-girl’s adventures and travels! In the meantime, check out her instagram.