CTRL V Board Dcals

Turn a boring surfboard into a work of art with the help of CTRL V.

Dave and Dani are the brains trust behind these funky board Dcals that will style up your stick. You can also be creative and design your own. Check out the options below.


A great option is to get the full board Wall Art. You can choose from some amazing images supplied by one of the talented artists that CTRL V collab with or…


Customise your board with a bunch of pics from your latest surf trip as a memento.


There are some super rad pre-made Dcals in all sizes available from the CTRL V website. Order it online, and they will send you the Dcal with an application pack so you can be a part of the creative process. The vid below shows how easy it is.

Prices start at $30 – check it out

Design a custom Dcal with CTRL V for you and your mates on the surf trip.

Contact the CTRL V team here