California Bans Plastic Bags!

bagsIn amongst all the craziness in the US last week, something pretty special happened.

Last week, California became the first US state to ban single-use plastic bags. Did you know that every piece of plastic ever made is still in existence? Or that, somewhat depressingly, much of this plastic ends up in our oceans? Banning plastic bags, while not the only answer,  is a step in the right direction.

Following California’s decision last week, Australia could step up and really take lead by banning single-use plastic bags across the country. Alternatives abound and while so many of us are used to the convenience of plastic, it’s essential that we look beyond the now and into our future. A future which is plastic bag free.

If you’re in or around Byron Bay on November 23rd, you can join the “Ban the Bag” rally being held to coincide with the Council of Australian Governments Environmental Ministers meeting in Melbourne. Not in Byron? No worries, you can still urge our government to ban the bag by writing to your local, state or federal member.

What have you got to lose?