womens suSurfing is a demanding activity. Whether it’s a calm easy surf with friends or tackling big waves on reef, the threat of being held down is real.

Anyone who has experienced a wipe out knows the feeling of being tumbled around, white water barreling over you, breathe running out and no way of knowing which way is up or down.

Getting worked and held down comes with the game but luckily there is a way we can better prepare ourselves.

Breathe enhancement training is suitable for surfers of all levels. Taking physical and psychological abilities to a new level, breathe enhancement training provides surfers with the confidence and composure to progress their surfing.

Breath Enhancement Training covers:

  • Preparation for challenging paddle outs, wipe outs and hold downs. Effective ways to warm up & prepare yourself on the beach or in the boat, before paddling out.
  • Improving Lung Capacity & Breathing Muscle strength. We can lose an alarming % of our lung capacity each decade through incorrect breathing practice and lack of correct education.
  • Extending your breath hold safely. Please note this is not a free-dive specific training course & you will not be attempting maximum static breath holds. This is surf specific training and our drills recognise that you are under a higher heart rate when the breath is compromised. We ensure that you will gain greater confidence in bigger surf.
  • Improving physical & mental tolerance to Carbon Dioxide which builds up in a breath hold situation causing anxiety & lack of focus. This component of the training involves activities with short breath retention on a full lung.
  • Using oxygen more efficiently, enhancing performance whilst increasing confidence and relaxation during hold downs, bigger surf etc. This component of the training involves activities with short empty lung holds.
  • Recovery Breathing Techniques allowing deep tissue oxygenation & the calming of your nervous system after challenging situations. Also a great technique to improve focus.
  • Biofeedback on your Heart Rate Variability (HRV) & Nervous System. Participants are educated with a live demonstration of the analysis of HRV – Heart Rate Variability.  This is a non-invasive measure that reflects heart-brain interaction and coherence between systems in the body. You will see ‘live on the screen’ how B.E.T creates ideal heart rhythms for greater control of the nervous system, faster recovery and better performance mentally & physically when under load.

Nam Baldwin, a peak performance coach and director of Equalize – Breathe Enhancement Training, has trained big wave professionals and World Championship Tour surfers such as Mick Fanning and Steph Gilmore.

Nams involvement & experience with elite athletes & businesses has given him a great depth of knowledge & the skill to help other clientele reach their potential.

“The goal when working with groups, teams or individuals is to allow them to experience progress and a dynamic emotional shift in their first session, which then drives them to seek further success”.

With a career spanning over 20 years, Nam has dedicated his life to learning & exchanging knowledge to assist others in reaching their mental & physical potential.

Nam and the Equalize team are now bringing their knowledge to the Sunshine Coast with a WOMENS ONLY introductory breathe enhancement training session on Sunday 4th October 9AM – 1PM. Held at the Ocean Performance Centre Maroochydore, tickets are only $115 and places are limited. Email info@equalize.com.au or call 0404 487 828 to secure your spot.


















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