Bonne Gea: Bali’s surf queen

It was hard to follow my passion of surfing when I was a little girl because adults said that girls should not surf. They said I should be at home and they worried about my skin going black.

Yasnyiar Bonne Gea a.k.a Bonne Gea was born on Nias Island in Indonesia and raised in a traditional family and culture which left little room for surfing. In her community, it is thought that the proper place for a woman is in the home, not surfing with the boys.

But Bonne had other ideas.

I have quite a strong independent spirit and I was determined to follow my own way.
And at that time, I was the only girl surfing and run straight to the beach every day after school.

For more than fifteen years she has been in and out of the water almost ever day and she’s gone on to become both the Indonesian Women’s Surfing Champion and Asian Women’s Surfing Champion.

Changing Point is about Bonne and her journey to become a surfing champ.

I am happy and no regret with the decision I’ve made so far.
Now I can make my family proud of myself, help them and of course it feels amazing if I can be an inspiration for women especially in Indonesia.

Changing point may be Bonne’s story, but at its heart it is also a story about the choices we make in life and a struggle for success.