Board Bandages – what you need on your next surf trip

We were lucky enough to try out the new range of Board Bandages on our recent trip to the Maldives and we just have one thing to say about them: Don’t leave home without some!

Dings are part of life when you’re travelling (we’re looking at you baggage handlers!) and there is little worse than the thought of filling a ding with wax to block the hole, gaffa tape just doesn’t cut it and other than the fact it’s tricky, sharp and messy, you’re not really supposed to fly with resin. That’s where Board Bandages come to the rescue.

They’re lightweight, easy to use and take next-to-no time to apply, allowing you to get right back in the water.

Clean off any wax or zinc (or blood if you’ve head-butted the board) and you’re good to go!

Simply clean off the area around the ding, peel off and stick it on! Ding repair really doesn’t get much easier…

They come in a range of sizes and shapes – with some specifically designed to wrap over the rails – and come in a whole array of funky patterns.

Board fixed, ready to head back out!

Needless to say, we’re big fans of Board Bandages so if you’re planning a surf trip, grab some for yourself. You can’t go wrong. Buy them online here.